The street-level view of the Emily Morgan Hotel at dusk.

The Haunted History of the Emily Morgan Hotel

Before the building was built the grounds of what is now the hotel was where the Mexican Forces battled the Texans in the Long Barracks of the Alamo in 1836. Over 600 men lost their lives very close to the hotel. When originally built the location was the Medical Arts Building. It housed over 100 medical professionals from doctors to dentists. It was even believed to have a section devoted to the care of those suffering from psychological conditions.

Gothic-style Charm

An intriguing detail of the gothic-style building design is the gargoyles that line the exterior walls depict various ailments and afflictions highlighting the original purpose of the building, to treat the sick and injured.

The building also had a morgue and crematorium, providing for patients and their family from birth to end-of-life. As with any historic building, the stories about the building begin to grow, fueled by the depth and richness of the history. As these stories are told from person to person, they can sometimes take on an eerie quality.

The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio is no exception. Our location and the building’s history have earned the Emily Morgan Hotel the reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in America.

The Emily Morgan Hotel against a blue sky.
The fireplace in the lobby of the Emily Morgan hotel.

Mysterious Occurrences

The staff and guests of the hotel have shared their stories about weird occurrences at the hotel. These moments of weirdness have led some to conclude the hotel is haunted. For example, the phone will ring in the middle of the night and when picked up, there is no one on the other end of the line. A room attendant will clean a room and after emerging from the bathroom, will find the pillows from the bed were tossed to the ground.

A sales manager spending the night returned to her room after dinner to find the bathtub had been filled with blue water.

The staff has made several reports of seeing doors close for no reason and feeling a presence on certain floors with no one else around. Guests have heard what they describe as hospital carts outside their door, and the 14th floor has a distinct smell of antiseptic or a band-aid odor.

The elevators will stop at various floors for no clear reason.

Video cameras have captured “orbs”, a term used by paranormal investigators to describe bright floating lights, around the hotel.

Some guests have reported seeing a woman in white walking the halls and others have reported shadows moving along walls where no shadow should be.

Do these mysteries mean the hotel is haunted? Probably not. There are usually simple explanations for mysteries like these. The hotel is considered the third most haunted hotel in the world due to the number of mysterious reports people have given.

The Emily Morgan Hotel and Superstition

Emily Morgan hotel follows the traditional superstition of a lot of other hotels and does not have a 13th floor. What many people do not know about the hotel is on the 14th floor, there isn’t a room 1408. The room numbers stop at 1407, by design, and the next room is the Duke Suite. When you add the numbers 1408 together (1+4+0+8), you get the number 13.

This is just one of the many weird and spooky facts about the Emily Morgan Hotel. When visiting the Emily Morgan hotel, please feel free to ask about the history of the hotel and about the mysterious and odd occurrences our staff has experienced while working at the hotel.

Room at the Emily Morgan with a view of the Alamo.