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Six Sleek & Chic Boutique Hotels Found in Urban Locales


Listed #1: Located in San Antonio, Texas, on the battlefield of the historic Alamo, Emily Morgan Hotel is the official hotel of the Alamo. In fact, the property allows you the opportunity to arrange meetings and catered events on the Alamo grounds, as well as private tours. "Featuring nationally recognized Gothic Revival architecture, the hotel is also considered to be haunted because of its location on 1836 battlefield of the Alamo," said Chris Johnson general manager. 

Chic Meeting Spots:  The hotel's 1.200 square foot library features custom-built bookcases, rich wood paneling, sofas, a fireplace, votive candles and soft lighting especially fit for receptions and banquets for groups of up to 72. And, a new stainless steel pool features LED lighting that changes colors and can be customized to match corporate logos for events.